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Rent A Car


  1. COMPULSORY: Renter/s is/are required to submit a copy of Valid Driving License & NRIC to YUN SHENG TRAVEL & RENT A CAR SDN.BHD.
  2. Vehicles are rented at a daily rate according to the agreed charge, one day being defined as any period of 24 hours from the time of commencement of the rental agreement. A grace period of 1 HOUR is allowed for after time due back. After this excess hour, the rates are calculated based on the published hourly charges with a maximun of 5 hours excess. After 5 hours excess, a full day rates will be charged.
  3. Age limit for the rental must be above 21 and 60 years old with a valid local or international driving license.
  4. Monthly rental is calculated on thirty (30) days month cycle.
  5. Rates are quoted in RM (Ringgit Malaysia).
  6. Fuel is not included in the rental rates (upon request).
  7. Payments must be made in full upon delivery of the vehicle.
  8. Renter will be responsible for all traffic summons, DBKK or parking fees. Company will contact the Renter Where possible if it receives parking or traffic summons pertaining to the period under rental. Otherwise, Rental’s particulars will be submitted to the authority concerned.
  9. If the vehicle is rented on behalf of a company/ person, all parties concerned are responsible for the vehicle. For company rentals, customers must bring along their company rubber stamp whereby the company will act as the Hirer and one driver must be present to act as the Co-hirer for the rental of the vehicle.
  10. A maximum of one authorized driver and one additional driver for rental, while two additional drivers for corporate rental.
  11. Only the renter or the person/s appointed by the renter in the rental contract is permitted to drive the vehicle and must hold a valid driver’s license and be competent in proper driving manners and procedures.
  12. The Customer or any Authorized Driver of the Vehicle will in no way be demand to be the agent, servant or employee of the Company.
  13. The vehicle must not be driven out of Sabah. The renter must keep the vehicle in his/her possessions at all time.
  14. Deposit payment is not returnable. ( for booking vehicle cancel only)
  15. This rental agreement is valid only with the YUN SHENG TRAVEL & RENT A CAR authorized stamp.
  16. Any repair parts replacement must have a cash receipt with damaged or replaced parts (Valid only if YUN SHENG TRAVEL & RENT A CAR​ SDN.BHD. certified the cost or damage NOTexceeding RM 100.00).
  17. The hirer agrees that punctured tires, empty petrol tank, loss of car key locked inside the vehicle by itself, does not constitute a breakdowns and in the event that the 24-Hour Emergency Service is called to upon to respond to such occurrence, the hirer shall bear the cost of such response at RM 80.00 service charge per trip and other cost.
  18. The customer will be liable for any cost associated with the incorrect use of fuel (fuel being petrol or diesel) or water contamination of fuel.
  19. Modifications to a reservation could result in a change in rate.
  20. The company reserve the right to deliver any type of car/ vehicle to customer should the specific type of booked vehicle is unavailable at time due to emergency cases. 
  21. Should the customer decide to voluntarily downgrade their vehicle type than that booked, will not be entitled to any refund.
  22. In the event of an accident there is no obligation from YUN SHENG TRAVEL & RENT A CAR​ SDN.BHD​ car rental to provide a replacement vehicle.
  23. In the case of Breakdown of Currently Hired Vehicle, YUN SHENG TRAVEL & RENT A CAR​ SDN.BHD car rental will provide replacement for temporary with any available vehicle while the former vehicle under service.
  24. Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) is not included.

            Car Group                               CDW per day          Non-Waive Damage Excess 
660cc-1.50cc                            RM 18.00                        RM 2,000.00
1.5CC ABOVE / 4wheel drive       RM 26.00                        RM 3,500.00

  1. 25The vehicle is covered under comprehensive commercial insurance. In the event of any accident, loss or damage to the vehicle during the period of rental, the renter is responsible for the first RM 13,500.00 for a car below 1.3cc, RM 15,000.00 for car Groups above 1.3cc and RM 16,000.00 for 4WD. The Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) can be purchased by payment of an additional amount to waive part of this liability. This waiver does not apply to and you are always responsible for the amount of ‘Non Waiver Damage Excess’.
  2. 26The renter assumes total responsibility for the vehicle from the moment the rental contract is duly signed until the time return of the vehicle. Use of this vehicle is prohibited for the purpose of carrying out activities contrary to the law and criminal in nature/ or for testing of racing/ renting out to third parties or learners. In the event the vehicle is confiscated, seized or impounded by the authorities, the renter bears full responsibility and shall indemnify the firm to the value of the vehicle or replace the same with a similar or equal value as well as bear all costs and expenses to which the firm may incur or be put or exposed.
  3. 27 All parties concerned in this agreement agree and submit to the jurisdiction of the Federation of Malaysian in the event of any dispute arising out of or in connection with this agreement.